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Prof Navin Mathur
Former Vice-Chancellor
Jagannath University, Jaipur

Prof Navin Mathur is a distinguished academician, a voracious reader and a prolific author on management. In his long and illustrious career spanning thirty- eight years, Prof Mathur was immensely admired for his excellent teaching of business administration in the University of Rajasthan, one of the most prestigious universities of India. He has also earned wide acclaim for his administrative acumen. As Administrative Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor, Principal of University Commerce College, Head of the Department of Business Administration, Director (Research), Director of University Central Library, Convenor of Board of Studies in Business Administration, Convener of Examination Planning & Monitoring Committee , Member of University Senate, Academic Council and Research Board and as Convener of a legion of committees , he played a key role in administration in the University of Rajasthan. Prof Mathur has visited over seventy-five universities and management institutes of India for various academic assignments, beside visiting University of Cape Town for lecturing and IMT(Dubai) as a nominee of the Association of Indian Universities.

For his two iconic works , Management Gurus and Life & Works of Management Thinkers, Prof Navin Mathur has received commendations of noted management experts of the world including Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.( Harvard University), Arnold S. Tannenbaum ( University of Michigan), Robert S. Tannenbaum (Carmel, CA), Herbert A. Simon ( Carnegie Mellon University), Peter F. Drucker (Claremont Graduate School), Richard M. Cyert ( FMR President of Carnegie Mellon University), Fred E. Fiedler (University of Washington) and Ernest Dale (University of Penn). Reviews of the books of published in India reflect the worth of writings of Prof Navin Mathur.

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