Advertising and Consumer Reaction in India
Publisher :
Printwell Publishers
Jaipur - Rajasthan, India
Edition : 1986
Pages : 114
Price : Rs. 80/-
PB - Rs. 175/-
Beginning with a profile of advertising in India, the book incorporates findings of a survey conducted to find out consumer opinion about advertising and itís impact on consumer behavior. The book is useful for advertisers, researchers, students and teachers of advertising as well as for general readers interested in adding to their knowledge about advertising in India.

Noted contemporary management thinkers— Henry Mintzberg, Michael E. Porter, Gary Hamel and Charles Handy, who have broken the mold of conventional management wisdom, have also been included. The wit and wisdom of Tom Peters can also be found in the book.

This book also encompasses the life sketches of management thinkers. It assays cross-fertilization of management thoughts. A legion of references can be found in the book, making it more comprehensive and useful for teachers and scholars of management, as also for enlightened management practitioners.

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