Life and Works of Management Thinker
Publisher :
Sahitya Bhawan
Agra (U.P.), India
Edition : 1986
Pages : 175
Price : Rs. 120/-
It is a unique book which contains following information about fifteen eminent contemporary management thinkers :

(a) Biographical—Birth, Education, Career, Academic, Distinctions (awards, honors, keynote addresses, fellowships), Professional Activities, Academic and Research Activities.

(b) Thoughts on Management—A description of their important thoughts of management.

(c) List of Works—Detailed information about as many as 170 books, and 1200 articles, monographs, films, etc.

The book is based primarily on the information supplied by the thinkers personally to the author. Thinkers include :

  • Peter F. Drucker
  • Robert Tannenbaum
  • Herbert A. Simon
  • Ernest Dale
  • Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
  • Richard M. Cyert
  • Fred E. Fiedler
  • Harold J. Leavitt
  • Chris Argyris
  • Frederick I. Herzberg
  • Arnold S. Tannenbaum
  • James G. March
  • Derek S. Pugh
  • Victor H. Vroom
  • William G. Ouchi

The book is very useful for managers, students, researchers and teachers of management.

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