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Navin Mathur is Professor of Business Administration at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He has had a brilliant academic career. He was awarded National Scholarship by the Government of India for pursuing higher studies. He obtained his M.Phil in Business Administration from the University of Rajasthan, standing first in the order of merit.

Professor Mathur has taught postgraduate and M.Phil students of business administration for over three decades. His areas of academic interest are: management thought, general management, advertising and marketing. Professor Mathur, who was awarded a doctorate by the University of Rajasthan, has supervised doctoral research work of seventeen scholars, and dissertations and projects of about fifty postgraduate students. He has contributed research papers to esteemed journals, besides participating in seminars and conferences. He is a member of university academic bodies and academic and professional associations. His article on World Food Crisis published in the New Zealand International Review (Jan-Feb 2009) has been included in the Online Encyclopedia Britannica. Besides achieving academic excellence, Prof. Mathur has an experience of serving as Administrative Secretary to Vice-Chancellor, Chairman of Examination Planning and Monitoring Board, Member of Research Board, Convener of Board of Studies in Business Administration, Member of Academic Council, Vice Principal of University Commerce College, Coordinator of BBA Programme in the University of Rajasthan. He has been a member of Research Committees/Board of Studies/ Faculties of over a dozen universities.

Author of

  • Consumerism : Global and Indian Perspectives (2006)
  • Management Gurus: Ideas and Insights (2004)
  • Advertising and consumer Reaction in India (1986)
  • Press Advertising (1987)
  • Management Thought (1989)
  • Life and works of Management Thinkers (1992)
  • Principles of Management (1998. Co-Authored)
  • Mighty Management Minds of India (2001)

His works on management thought have been acclaimed by world's top managements experts like Alfred D. Chandler Jr., Amold S. Tannenbaum, Fred E. Fiedler, Richard M. Cyert, Herbert A. Simon and Robert Tannenbaum.

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