About me

Prof Navin Mathur
Former -Vice Chancellor
Jagannath University
Jaipur (India)

Dr. Navin Mathur is a former Professor of Business Administration at the University of Rajasthan, one of the most prestigious universities of India. He has had a brilliant academic career. Subsequent to getting merit position consecutively for two years while graduating in University of Rajasthan, he was awarded National Scholarship of the Government of India for pursuing higher studies. He obtained his M.Phil.degree in Business Administration from the University of Rajasthan, standing first in the order of merit.

Professor Mathur has taught Post- Graduate and M.Phil. students of business administration for thirty-eight years at the University of Rajasthan. His areas of academic interest are: Management Theory and Practice, Management Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Advertising and Marketing, and Management Wisdom in Ancient India. Professor Mathur, who was awarded a doctorate by the University of Rajasthan, has supervised doctoral research work of thirty scholars, and dissertations and projects of over fifty post-graduate students. He has contributed research papers to reputed journals, besides participating in seminars and conferences in India and abroad. His article on World Food Crisis published in the New Zealand International Review (Jan-Feb 2009) has been included in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He has been a member of university academic bodies like Academic Council and Research Board for six years, of University Senate for three years and life member of Indian Commerce Association and Indian Accounting Association and a former member of Jaipur Management Association. He holds the distinction of being nominated to the Central Board for Worker Education, Government of India, Regional Directorate, Jaipur and Regional Direct Taxes Advisory Committee, Jaipur Region. He was also a Visiting Professor at Guru Jambeshwar University in Haryana. He has lectured in many universities in India as well as in University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Prof Mathur is a voracious reader and a prolific author and has earned national and international recognition for his academic acumen. He is author of Management Gurus, Life and Works of Management Thinkers, Mighty Management Minds of India, Press Advertising, and Advertising and Consumer Reaction in India. He is co-author of Principles of Management and is co-editor of Consumerism: Global and Indian Perspectives. His books- Management Gurus and Life and Works of Management Thinkers have been immensely acclaimed by internationally known management experts including Alfred D Chandler, Jr ( Harvard University), Fred E Fiedler( University of Washington),Herbert A Simon and Richard M Cyert ( Carnegie Mellon University), Peter F Drucker ( Claremont Graduate School), Robert Tannenbaum ( Carmel, CA), Ernest Dale( University of Penn) and Arnold S Tannenbaum( University of Michigan). Considering great value of his book- Management Gurus (formerly titled Management Thought) -for teachers and students, the Government of Madhya Pradesh exceptionally recommended it for all State Government Colleges of M.P. Reviews of his books have been published in leading journals and newspapers. He was deservedly entrusted with several academic assignments in a legion of universities of India. He has visited over seventy -five universities and management institutes and was nominated to the Board of Studies/ Faculty/ Research Committees of twenty universities in India. As a nominee of Association of Indian Universities, he has visited over a dozen management institutes including one at Dubai. UGC also nominated Prof Mathur in some universities in different committees. He was also an expert member of UGC/ AICTE Committees appointed for framing common curriculum of BBA and Master of Tourism Management Programmes. He has served on the Editorial Boards of many prestigious journals and has been an expert member of Selection Committees of fifteen universities and institutions. He has actively participated in more than sixty seminars and conferences in the country and has Chaired sessions in eleven of them and delivered keynote addresses or had been a Resource Person in eighteen such academic events. He has participated in debates on socio-economic and educational issues on TV channels and has been interviewed many times by media on matters pertaining to education.

Besides achieving academic excellence, Prof. Mathur has a vast administrative experience. He served as Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University, a private university approved by the State Government of Rajasthan. Earlier, he was entrusted with several administrative responsibilities in University of Rajasthan where he successfully served as Administrative Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor, Principal of the University Commerce College, Head of the Department of Business Administration, Director (Research), Director(University Central Library), Convener of Examination Planning and Monitoring Board, Member of Research Board, Convener of Board of Studies in Business Administration, Member of Academic Council, Coordinator of BBA Programme and Convener or Member of almost all Committees constituted by the Vice-Chancellor from time to time. His pursuit for promoting academics and research continues.

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